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Composites at Sheffield is a fusion between the Composite Centre at The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing, and the Composites Systems Innovation Centre, which are both under the umbrella of The University of Sheffield. The complete spectrum of our funding encompasses UK industry, Research Councils, Government Departments, EU and non-EU overseas funding agencies. We have more than 80 partners spanning the aerospace, automotive, railway, polymer and other industries.


The Composite Systems Innovation Centre

The Composites Systems Innovation Centre (CSIC) is a research group comprising academics, post-doctoral researchers and post-graduate students within the University of Sheffield. The CSIC spans the Faculty of Engineering, with key staff based in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. The expertise of this group therefore covers the entire scale of a composite system, from the molecular scale of polymer chemistry to the macroscopic scale of the analysis of large, complicated structures. The activities of the CSIC are focused on early level research and development, from the generation of an initial concept to the manufacture of small scale prototypes.

The scope of the composites-related research conducted by Composites at Sheffield encompasses activities from microscopic characterisation to design, via a fundamental understanding of materials behaviour. The major strengths of the centre are in the following areas:

Design of new composites and hybrids

Mechanical properties and characterisation (static and fatigue)

Failure analysis and fracture mechanics from micro to macro scale (including hygro-thermal effects)

Structural applications, Fatigue

Low and high velocity impact, joining and repair, self-healing

Intelligent materials and structures

Non-destructive testing and evaluation

Modelling and finite element analysis

Life Cycle Analysis of materials, manufacturing and transport

Recycling and Eco-technologies


AMRC with Boeing
Composite Centre

The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing is a world-leading research centre dedicated to developing innovative technology solutions for advanced materials forming. Based in two purpose-built buildings on the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Rotherham, the AMRC works in collaboration with a wide range of manufacturing businesses, to develop cutting-edge technologies and provide practical solutions to manufacturing problems. The AMRC is therefore ideally suited to developing a small scale composite prototype into a production ready product.

Regional Impact of AMRC Composite Centre:

180 jobs created or safeguarded

83 knowledge collaborations with the University

£3.5M of private sector investment as a result of involvement

15 instances of company's leveraging R&D finance through collaboration