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Professor Keith Ridgway honoured by Royal Aeronautical Society

December 2013

On Thursday 12th December Professor Keith Ridgway was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the world’s most prestigious and long standing aerospace award honouring achievement, innovation and excellence. The citation reads:

“Professor Ridgway is admitted to Honorary fellowship in recognition of an outstanding contribution to aerospace manufacturing, which has led to the development of innovative
manufacturing processes and a step change in the productivity of many industrial companies” Keith is the only the 175th recipient of an Honorary Fellowship from the Society and joins with
some other truly inspiring company.

Past recipients of the society’s honorary fellowship include:

 Orville Wright the first man to achieve powered flight, Sir Hugh Trenchard – founder of the RAF,
Winston Churchill, AV Roe – founder and chief designer of Avro (Lancaster and Vulcan), Tommy Sopwith – aviation trailblazer and manufacturer, Geoffrey de Havilland – produced the first
commercial jet airliner, Frank Whittle inventor of the gas turbine engine, Igor Sikorsky inventor of the helicopter, and numerous members of Royal Families from around the world.
As we move into an aerospace environment that has become based around global co-operation and hence global competition, the importance of competitiveness and excellence in both design
and manufacturing is fundamental to the nation’s ability to participate. For the part that Keith has played, banging the drum and keeping the country competitive, I honour him and am delighted that the RAeS honours him!
Congratulations Keith from your staff at the AMRC and the Sheffield Branch of the RAeS Phil Spiers – Chairman of RAeS Sheffield and Head of Structural Integrity at the AMRC

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